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Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine

Using acupuncture, herbal medicine and aromatherapy as an alternative/compliment to traditional mainstream medical care.

Akashic Record Readings & Classes

Accessing the recorded history of the universe. Come to explore your soul's journey with individual sessions, study groups, or certification classes.

Art Expression and Theory Classes (top)

Traditional art as well as a variety of art techniques with which persons can express themselves creatively with the use of mixed media to achieve balance and harmony in one's life and awaken more deeply to their spirituality. (Group processes/Free time with membership)

Ayurveda Consulting & Cooking Classes (top)

A traditional, holistic system of treatment and cooking that promotes health and healing. These practices have been used, some, for over 5,000 years.

Energy Healing Techniques (top)

Energy healing uses the body's energy systems to bring about profound healing experiences. By inserting or altering energy into the body's energy system, one can unblock the flow of energy to relieve emotional distress. Examples are the many methods and techniques listed below and the many providers that offer these services at RUAH Center. These transform the energy of the body and has been used for thousands of years to provide stress reduction and relaxation that leads to wellness including chakra based techniques.

Grief Support (top)

A process designed to help examine and address loss events and loss themes that impede healthy functioning. (Individual and Group Process) using the Grief Recovery Method®. Special sessions for the loss of pets.

Groups/Meet-Ups (top)

People with common interests can expand their learning and participate in the many group activities at RUAH Center. Groups meet monthly, weekly, or as scheduled by their coordinator. Most activities are available for a nominal donation to RUAH Center, which is a non-for-profit, Charitable (501C-3) organization offering educational programs to help people achieve and maintain good health.

Health Coaching and Weight Management (top)

Uncover hidden beliefs holding you back from the life, success and body you want. (Individual and Group Process)

Massage Therapies (top)

Manipulation of the soft tissue of the body to restore physical, emotional, and psychological functioning as well as relief from pain, tension and stress. Energy techniques may be incorporated upon request.

Meditation / Spiritual Focused Groups (top)

Designed to learn spiritual centering and mindfulness techniques to calm the mind thru connection with Divine Source; along with interactive support in the discovery of one's spiritual power to heal.

Naprapathy (top)

A system of treatment by manipulation of connective tissue, ligaments, joints and muscles , and by dietary measures to facilitate the recuperative processes of the body.

Nutri-Energetics System (top)

Use of quantum physics, biology and information technology to regulate the information flow of the body to facilitate and maintain good health. (Energy scans/Treatment)

Psychology - Positive, Trauma Release, Addictions Counseling & Neurotherapy (top)

Accessing the power of the mind to overcome limitations and illness in order to maintain physical and mental health. (Education/Treatments)

Self-Improvement and Business Development (top)

Accessing the power of the mind to overcome limitations to achieve one's full potential illness and improve physical and mental health. Learn personal/business development and funding opportunities to start-up and enhance your business. (Education/Treatments)

Spiritually Based Counseling & Classes (top)

A Course in Miracles, education in Metaphysics, Shamanism, Buddism, various Christian religions, Native American beliefs and practices, and we welcome others. Spiritually based Empowerment Group sessions are offered upon request.

Tibetan Bowls/Crystal Bowls /Drumming /Gong Baths/Music - Sound Energy Healing (top)

Yoga and Movement Therapy (top)


CACM - Certified Advanced Crystal Master
CCA - Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
D.N. - Doctor of Naprapathy
HTCP - Healing Touch Certified Practitioner
MHPE - Masters Health Profession Education

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