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A respite of understanding, acceptance, & healing; the RUAH Center is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to disseminating information to guide people in their quest for optimum physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Located in Naperville, in the western suburbs of Chicago, RUAH Center offers opportunities to develop new awareness of nutritional choices, healthy lifestyles, and other techniques and practices to assist in personal well being in workshops, class, and one on one sessions.

RUAH Center we value the wholeness of each person, viewing each as a physical, emotional, and spiritually energetic vessel. As such we understand that each individual is one with the universe, one with others, and one with the Creator as Divine perfection.

RUAH Center is an educational organization focused on informing and training. It is also a place to find independent practitioners who are dedicated to treating as well as educating individuals to help them maintain health and wellness. Participants assume personal responsibility in the choices they make, and grow to realize that all healing comes from within through the Divine energy that sustains all.

In our world today most would think that RUAH Center is a place to come to "be healed." While there are many, who practice at our center, and hope to be a channel for healing to occur, ultimately we realize that all healing comes from each individual. RUAH Center's goal is to guide everyone who comes through our door to reconnect with the Spirit power within, and to remember their true essence - Perfect Divine Love. We offer a wide array of educational classes, workshops, and individual sessions which include expanding our spiritual consciousness, learning about nutritional choices, taking excellent care of our bodies with yoga, meditation, and massage, and much more. View our services.

So, we envision RUAH Center as a 'respite', where anyone who wants to return to a healthier state can come and reconnect with their wholeness through understanding and accepting their true Self. Remembering and experiencing our connection with our Divine nature allows healing to occur. Thus, we return to Love and can extend that love to others. At RUAH Center, we, as practitioners enter the same journey of those we assist. Together, we hope to connect, assist, and evolve as a team to create a center of spiritual learning and respite.

We invite you to visit our center and view our services. If you have questions please contact Jo Anderson at 331-998-3033 or email at


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Respite of Acceptance, Understanding and Healing
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