RUAH Center

December 17th:

2:00-3:00 Ascended Masters' Teaching "HOW TO AVOID CATACLYSMS" Admission is FREE

Dear friends!

We are pleased to invite you to a presentation dedicated to Ascended Masters' Teaching, as received through the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina. The Ascended Masters are beings that have reached the next evolutionary step, and consider it their duty to help humanity in the development of its consciousness, at this particular period of time. We will introduce you to Ascended Masters, their current living Messenger Tatyana Mickushina and the Teaching, which they have been giving through her for the past 12 years to us - modern humanity. The topic of the presentation will be “How to avoid cataclysms?”

During the presentation we will explore selected Words of Wisdom from the Masters, as well as see a short interview with Tatyana herself.

Please, come join us!



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