RUAH Center

October 14th:

Journey Inward with SoulCollage® @ 9:30am

The Soul speaks to us through says creator of SoulCollage® Seena Frost. SoulCollage® is a meet up that is like a morning meditation. A time to look inward and find images, use your imagination and intuition to discover the various parts of your BEING. You will make your personal SoulCollage® deck of cards that will allow you to access inner wisdom, consult your deck for daily guidance or simply use your cards as an avenue of self-expression. 

You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the gifts of this process.

Contact Cindy Giles at 

Text:  630-212-2514

Office:  630-219-1992

Benefits of SoulCollage®

By   Mary Reilly Mathews, LCSWR

·  It’s a non-threatening creative outlet easily accessible to anyone.

·  It’s a profound self-awareness practice that leads to great self-acceptance.

·  SoulCollage® helps you access your intuition and your inner spiritual knowing.

·  It helps you recognize, acknowledge and honor and make peace with all aspects of yourself….warts and all!

·  Working with images stimulates other areas of brain function.  This increases cognitive health.

·  Playing with images this way is like dreaming on paper.  It helps you connect with the unconscious realm.

·  SoulCollage® is fun and often delightfully surprising.

·  You will learn to take yourself less seriously.

·  It is a great way to play.

·  You are empowered to proclaim yourself as the only expert on your inner experiences and images.  You learn to rid yourself of imposed, internalized, and socialized “shoulds.”

·  You will learn the power of playing with the archetypes.

·  You will begin to acknowledge the chakras as an important source of intelligence.

·  It is a great tool for discernment and healing.

·  It is a great coping skill and self-care practice.

·  It is a great way to meet in a safe, meaningful and creative community.



Respite of Acceptance, Understanding and Healing
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