RUAH Center

May 11th:

9 AM - 1 PM Connect to Spirit Meditation Workshop with Stacey Lynn

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Spiritual Medium, Mentor & Adviser, Stacey Lynn takes you on a Spiritual journey in this live guided, Gift of Spirit Meditation workshop to: 

Stacey Cripps
  • Awaken to your Spirit
  • Open to your Spiritual Gifts 
  • Develop Healing, Heartfelt Holy Spirit Communication with the Divine & your departed Loved Ones in Heaven.  

Did you know that our loved ones in Heaven are always guiding us, loving us and can leave us tangible signs in the physical world to let us know that they are all around us? 

*Discover how to Connect with SPIRIT and experience Love, Healing, Comfort, Guidance and Peace. 

*Discover techniques to ground your energy, clear your space and live in a higher vibration. 

*Learn the process of going within to your Spirit through guided meditation to receive Healing, Heartfelt Holy Spirit Communication and experience receiving messages and reading messages from Spirit to enhance your life.

*Gain an understanding of real physical signs from Spirit and learn how to ask for and be open to receiving these signs. 



Respite of Acceptance, Understanding and Healing
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