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December 6th:

8-10 PM Live Spiritual Readings Gift of Spirit Gala Event with Spiritual Medium, Stacey Lynn

 I hope to see you on Thursday, December 6th at An Evening with Spirit, a Gift of Spirit Gala. I will be taking you through a Divine guided meditation to open your hearts to receive before I demonstrate the Gift of Spirit through evidenced, specific information provided to me by departed loved ones in Spirit in Heaven to touch and heal the grieving heart.  All who gather experience a Divine Heavenly Connection within, whether or not they receive a Spiritual Reading. This will be my last Gift of Spirit Gala Live Event of the year!  Hope you can make it!  These events are filled with Blessings of Love from Spirit and confirmation our departed loved ones in Heaven are still loving and guiding us.

Doors open at 7:30 PM CST.  Purchase your $20 ticket now to be a part of this wonderful event: 

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